Most days you will find Margie at home sitting behind her computer mocking up a graphic attempting to bring another entrepreneurial idea to life. It's a hobby and way of life. Yes, Shark Tank rules on Friday nights at the Boyd house. As a wife and mom, Margie loves her family, Jesus, drinking coffee with new and old friends, and good Mexican food any time of day or night. Starting a nonprofit was never in the plan but finding ways to show genuine love and compassion was always in God’s.

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Keary is a wife, adoptive mom, photographer, writer, Type 1 Diabetic, and follower of Jesus. She loves the mountains, iced coffee, and post dinner dance parties with her kids. She and her husband, Justin, started Grace & Salt, a furniture and home-goods company aimed at cultivating a space for community in homes and around tables. They recently got home after spending 15 months in Uganda adopting two beautiful children, their oldest was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2015, the same year as Keary. Keary desires to be honest and vulnerable about all that comes with adoption, T1D, and everyday life and longs to love bravely daily. 

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Faith is the 4th child, in a loud, fun, family of 8. She was the first of 3 siblings to be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and while not thrilled that they joined the club, she has relished being able to take the lead and show them the ropes. An outspoken, bright child, she loves her service dog Ruby, softball, gymnastics, and mother-henning her baby brother, Lucas.

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