Keary was a wedding photographer and Justin was working for the Sherriff’s department in Southern California – they had been married just a few short years. They had the vision for a company that played into both of their passions and skill sets, ultimately bringing Grace & Salt to life. They've been on a journey filled with ups and downs since then, twisting and turning with each step, chasing after the Creator and His desire for their lives.

Justin & Keary decided to pursue adoption as the avenue to start their family. They met their son, Oliver, for the first on New Years Eve of 2014. What they thought would be a three-month trip to finalize Oliver’s adoption turned into a much longer journey than that. Their little boy was so sick, needing a blood transfusion every 2-3 weeks. They were confused and hurting for our little boy and his precious life. They had no idea what they were preparing to face.

While they were doing everything they could to advocate for Oliver, Keary's body started to become weak with what was diagnosed as parasites. She felt tired, fatigued, and was losing weight. It got to the point where she was so sick that she couldn’t get off the couch to pour herself a glass of water. She could no longer pick Oliver up out of his crib, or wear him in the baby carrier. After two and a half months in Uganda and no end to our trip in sight, Keary flew home to be able to work for a few weeks. She thought some healthy food, medicine, rest, and sleep in a comfy bed would rid the parasites from her body, and get her back on track to work and return to her boys in Uganda. Her body only became weaker after she returned home to the States and she wondered how I’d even get on a plane to head back to Africa. After a month of only getting worse, Keary found herself in the ICU, waking up from a coma to the news that she had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

She wondered how God would ever redeem this, or how he could possibly use this diagnosis for a greater purpose. Keary believed that he would, she hoped that He would, she just couldn’t even begin to picture how that would come to fruition. A short two and a half months after diagnosis, she got a message from a friend back in Uganda, who told her about a little girl that was just diagnosed with Type One and needed a foster family. As soon as she heard those words, Keary knew in her heart that she was my daughter before she could even get to the end of the message. She felt God whisper in her ear, “Keary, this is your why. This is what I have been preparing you for. For a time such as this.” 

Now, after 15 months in Uganda, Justin, Keary, and the kids are back home stateside with their beloved family and friends, learning to do life here with two T1Ds and two adventurous kiddos. Check out more of their story on Instagram &