After Faith’s very dramatic and traumatic diagnosis, I was determined that I’d never ignore that still, small voice.  Four years later, just two days after her 1 year well-child visit with the pediatrician, I noticed symptoms of extreme thirst in our 13 month old daughter, Hope.  She walked into the kitchen, where I was standing drinking a glass of water.  She toddled quickly toward me, clawing at her throat, indicating that she was intensely thirsty and desperate for a drink.  The minute I saw her reaction, the hair stood up on the back of my neck.  I knew.  I checked her blood sugar and she was in the mid 300’s.  I couldn’t believe this was happening again.  We called her Endocrinologist and were diagnosed and admitted to the hospital the same day - on the 4 year anniversary of Faith’s diagnosis.  We’re not big fans of November 17th.

Because we knew the signs to look for, Hope’s diagnosis was much less traumatic.  She wasn’t even sick yet.  Her body never had to go through the trauma of DKA, and as a result, she has been much healthier since diagnosis than Faith, and her diabetes is easier to manage.  

Three years later, we caught the disease process starting in our 9 year old son, Eli’s body.  Again, because we knew what to watch for, we were able to see it coming and not be caught off guard like we were with Faith. Eli’s diagnosis was made before he even needed insulin injections.

Because of our unique perspective, having 3 very different diagnosis experiences, we very intimately understand the need for education and awareness of the warning signs.  I’ve witnessed first hand how differently things go when a mom knows and recognizes the signs of Type 1 Diabetes.  I feel a very strong responsibility to share this knowledge with mom’s everywhere.

Read Faith's diagnosis story here and watch the video below.