Through a collaboration between Tyler Type One and Grace & Salt, this PSA aims to save lives through awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and the WARNING SIGNS leading up to diagnosis. 

Every year, children and young adults die of undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. Individuals and parents don’t know, therefore don’t recognize the WARNING SIGNS before it's too late. Even medical professionals can misdiagnose it as the flu or another virus/illness. 

This PSA is inspired by true events. These are not paid actors…they are survivors, both diagnosed hours from death. Watch and Share. It just might save you or your loved one’s life…before it’s too late. 


We have personally seen so many who were hours from death because of undiagnosed or misdiagnosed Type 1. It is maddening and heartbreaking all at the same time watching it unfold as some precious souls whose diagnosis was just too late.

In early 2016, we landed on the idea of producing a PSA that would help make the signs and symptoms more memorable. We decided that the best way to do that was to shock people with the truth…undiagnosed or misdiagnosed Type 1 can be fatal.  Our hope is that it will cause people to stop, watch, and store the information away so if the warning signs were to ever present in themselves or those around them, they would recognize them, call the doctor, and request a test. There are simply too many misdiagnosis confusing the signs and symptoms with the flu, virus or other illness. Our goal is to cause the parent or symptomatic person to take the initiative by requesting a test for Type 1 from their doctor instead of waiting on a medical professional to suggest it.

Our number one goal beyond raising this awareness was to steer away from paid actors and cast two people who were hours from death themselves before being diagnosed. We believe the backstories of each of these cast members will push the PSA to a whole new level, both nationally and globally. Not only will the PSA shed light to those who have no idea that Type 1 can hide, strike, and kill, it will introduce them to two survivors with real stories. 

Keary Cheney was diagnosed in April 2015 after falling into a coma and DKA. Today, she and her husband, Justin, have adopted two children from Uganda, one of which also has Type 1 Diabetes. Faith Wilson came within hours of death in 2009 at just 9-months-old. Today, she is not the only Type 1 among her 6 siblings. Her sister Hope was diagnosed at 13-months-old and her brother Eli, who is 10, was recently diagnosed as well. 

A natural partnership formed between Margie of Tyler Type One and Keary, with she and her husband, Justin, who co-own Grace and Salt, a San Diego based company. Together, we brought our passion for awareness and skill sets together and collaborated to establish a new campaign called Before It’s Too Late.